Custom Printed Eurototes

Looking for a Colorful, Effective Way to Showcase Your Packaging? Try Our Custom Printed Eurototes!

One of the most elegant bags we offer, our custom printed eurototes express the style and tone of your brand with stylish, portable ease. Boasting an array of capabilities, these stylish and functional custom bags are created to fit your company's unique design and branding requirements.

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Howard Packaging's Eurotote Options

Marc Modor provides some colorful examples of the types of custom eurototes that customers have recently ordered:

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Custom Printed Eurototes for Deborah James Custom Printed Eurototes for Cinnamon Boutique

Custom Printed Eurotote Features - Minimum 3,000 Bags Per Size

  • Free plates available for all first time orders(some restrictions apply).
  • Available substrates include natural kraft, white, claycoat, matte laminate and gloss laminate.
  • Printing methods: Offset, foil stamping and embossing.
  • Bags are custom made to your size and treatment specifications.
  • Handles can be macramé, grosgrain or satin ribbon, or die cut handle hole.

Free Plates for New Orders of Custom Eurototes

Howard Packaging has the most extensive Free Printing Plate Program in the industry. We can get your business started with a custom recycled printed paper shopping bag program with no up-front printing plate costs. Depending on the product, that could be a savings of hundreds of dollars!

Minimum order 3,000 bags per size. Some restrictions apply.

Custom Printed Eurototes for Left Bank Home Custom Printed Eurototes for Arch Apothacary

Custom Printed Eurotote Features - Minimum 500 Bags Per Size

  • We have more than 20 stock colors and seven stock sizes of eurototes that can be custom printed in quantities as low as 500 bags per size.
  • Printing Method: Foil stamping and screen printing.
Custom Printed Eurototes for Scent to Scent Custom Printed Eurototes for Atelerie

5 Benefits of Howard Packaging Products

  1. Elegant, Effective Packaging Products that Maximize Your Company’s Marketing and Branding Budgets
  2. Design and Packaging Product Flexibility
  3. Top Quality Packaging Materials
  4. Consultation with an Extensively Trained, Creative Design Team
  5. Services Tailored for the Retail, Food Service Carry-Out, and Marketing Services industries

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Looking for a high-profile way to boost brand awareness make your business stand out? At Howard Packaging, our custom printed eurotote options are customizable to your exact requirements to achieve the look your business absolutely must have.

With over 50 years of experience making businesses look exceptional, our design and packaging solutions can take your business's brand to the next level.

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