Custom Printed Boxes

Distinguish Your Brand and Products with Exquisite Custom Printed Boxes by Howard Packaging

If you’re serious about getting your products into retail stores, your product packaging and brand has to be up to the challenge. Custom printed boxes are a big part of your businesses presentation. Whether it’s custom folding boxes or set up boxes, the packaging you choose will influence how your products are perceived. Our custom printed boxes are a quick, easy, and retail friendly way to package your products.

Paper Box: Folding Set Up Box

Allison demonstrates how easy it is to fold a set up box:

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Custom Printed Box Choices

custom printed boxes AVEDA ASSORTED BOXES custom printed boxes CLASSIC KIDS BOXES custom printed boxes ITASCA BOX
crystal bridges boxes

Custom Folding Boxes  

Custom folding boxes provide advantages in product distribution, protection, preservation and marketing. Packaging can either make or break a new product. To be effective, your custom folding boxes must communicate the brand and sales message, maximize shelf appeal to grab your consumer's attention, protect the product and any components, and communicate the product details and benefits. Howard Packaging’s flexible options allow you the create a product that can achieve all of this.

  • Minimum Order: 5,000 boxes per size.
  • Printing Methods: Flexo, Offset, Foil Stamping and Embossing.

Custom Set Up Boxes

Two Piece set up boxes provide protection and durability for your products, and add a touch of class to your packaging. At Howard Packaging, we offer many style options so that you can make your box as standard or as unique as you’d like. The sky’s the limit!

  • Minimum Order: 500 boxes per size.
  • Printing Methods: Flexo, Foil Stamping and Embossing, Offset (higher minimums apply).
custom printed boxes RHMIG CHOCOLATES BOX

Small Quantity Stock Boxes

We have more than 100 stock sizes available in giftware, apparel, jewelry, gable, and candy boxes that can be personalized with your brand.

  • Minimum Order: 200 boxes per size.
  • Printing Method: Foil Stamp. Boxes can only be printed on the lid and there are imprint size limitations.

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Looking for custom printed box packaging options that put your competition to shame? At Howard Packaging, we work hard to make your business to look professional and exceptional with flexible packaging design options. We'll take time to understand your marketing needs and will recommend and develop box designs to fit those needs.

In our over 50 + Years experience in the businesses we've honed our craft and adapted to the varying style, marketing, and branding trends in the retail, restaurant and marketing services industries.

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