5 Sustainability Challenges Businesses Must Overcome


Running a sustainable business often requires an investment of time and money, which can become rather expensive for small businesses that have limited funds in which to invest in extras that aren't directly related to research, production, and sales. However, engaging in sustainable practices can become a beneficial project in many ways. According to Bioneers, […]

How to Survive as a Local Business in the Age of Amazon


The perception that brick and mortar retailers can't compete with online mega-retailers like Amazon has discouraged many local business owners from even trying to offer items online. However, there are many ways the average business can compete with a large entity like Amazon, even if the business only handles a small number of sales each […]

5 Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business


Engaging in sustainable practices benefits businesses of all sizes and types, but many business owners just don't know where to start down the path to eco-consciousness. A simple and easily implemented sustainable practice like recycling is a good start, but this only scratches the surface of the number of sustainable practices a business owner may consider on […]

Small Business Branding Trends for 2017


Staying on top of trends helps small businesses take advantage of growth opportunities when they arrive, and the end of the year means it's time to start examining small business branding trends for 2017 immediately! Many trends arrive swiftly and demand immediate adoption, and other trends take a few years before they're accepted as standard […]

What Did We Learn in 2016? Our Top 5 Blog Posts


With the economy on a steady track of improvement, today's small business owners have the opportunity to create valuable growth within their organizations. One of the best ways to continue positive growth is to examine the past year for its triumphs, failures, and discoveries. In 2016, we published several blog posts designed to help you […]

How to Market to Millennials


Older Americans retain most of the buying power in the United States, but understanding how to market to Millennials has become a popular topic of conversation for modern businesses looking to create brand ambassadors, improve brand loyalty, and find new, lifetime customers within the youngest population of consumers. Successfully marketing to Millennials means understanding how […]

3 Easy Steps Toward Sustainable Packaging

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Small business owners today have many opportunities to engage in sustainable practices at the workplace and throughout the lifecycle of their products and services, and sustainable packaging is an excellent way to being a journey toward an eco-friendly business model. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition offers a wealth of resources and information on creating sustainable packaging […]

3 Things That Businesses Get Wrong When Choosing Packaging

choosing packaging

Choosing packaging for your business means examining a variety of facets of your organization, including the venue in which your products are sold, the type of customer who purchases your items, and the type of products you sell.  As with any important decision, there are mistakes and goofs that you might make when choosing new […]

How to Use Events to Showcase Your Business Sustainability Efforts

business sustainability

Corporate responsibility and business sustainability are hot topics in the business world because of the benefit they can bring to a business's bottom line, as well as the value to the planet. Using events to showcase your business's sustainability efforts may have a very positive effect on customer relations and positive press. Here's what you need […]